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Welcome to the The Goat Shack, where we believe in producing high quality goat meat from happy, content and well looked after goats.

Our history

As a family, we’ve always loved animals and when there was an opportunity presented to us in 2015 we acquired our farm in Dorset. We then embarked on numerous discussions regarding which animals to raise and how to make the most of our pastoral haven. After thorough research, we enthusiastically settled on goats as our new venture.

In 2016, we welcomed Boer goats into our fold, initially envisioning a modest herd for meat production. However, our fascination with these animals quickly evolved into a deep-seated passion. Over the span of three years, our herd burgeoned to over 200. The positive feedback we received from our produce spurred us on, propelling our endeavour to greater heights. With expanded distribution channels and a presence in local markets, our enterprise flourished. We take great pride in operating a closed farm system, meticulously upholding impeccable health standards.

We believe Goat Meat Boxes is the best way to provide our much loved goat meat to our army of customers around the country. Only sending out FRESH goat meat means they can freeze what they don’t use for another day, giving them weeks of exceptional meal choices.

If you’ve never tried Goat Meat, the worlds most eaten meat, now is the time!

You can find out more about Goat Meat and it’s many positive impacts it will have on your health and the environment – Discover the goodness of goat meat.

In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!


Family Matthews x

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